Razer DeathAdder – Dragon Age II


Razer DeathAdder – Dragon Age II

Razer DeathAdder – Dragon Age II Collector’s Edition Gaming Mouse

Are you obsessed with Dragon Age II?  If you are, then you must have the Razer DeathAdder Dragon Age II Collector’s Edition gaming mouse.  Dragon Age II brings new enemies in your quest and you need new gear to defeat them.  This is the perfect mouse to do that.  It was designed with the famous role playing video game in mind. 

Razer DeathAdder - Dragon Age II imageThis mouse will put you in the center of attention as you dive into the mythical world of Thedas.  As your character rises through the ranks and acquires more power, you need something that can give you absolute control that only this mouse can deliver.

1000Hz Ultrapolling

This Razer DeathAdder can react as fast as 1ms, eight times faster than your average mouse.  Do you know how fast that is?  That just means your commands are executed faster than the competition that uses a normal mouse.  Imagine his surprise when this happens.  You will leave him scratching his head.  No delays here fellow gamers, just unparalleled lightning fast delivery of your commands!

3500 dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Infrared Sensor

Enemies that are trying to kill you will come from all angles.  You can’t afford to miss anything.  One miss and you’ll end up dead in the hands of your enemies.  Besides speed, you need precision to make sure your every move is a move well made.  This mouse is capable of up to 4x more precision than your opponent’s mouse.Razer DeathAdder - Dragon Age II pictureRight-Handed Ergonomic Design

Dragon Age II is a game that gives hours of gaming pleasure.  You need your hand to keep up with its demands.  You have to be assured that your hand is in the most comfortable position so that you will last throughout the game.

Razer DeathAdder - Dragon Age II graphic


This mouse ensures all of that and takes extra care of your right hand.  The high arc allows your palm to rest on it while your fingers work.

 Other Top Features

  • 5 independently programmable large non-slip buttons
  • on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment
  • always-on mode
  • 60 to 120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
  • zero-acoustic mouse feet




With its army of awesome features, this mouse should be a member of your Dragon Age II paraphernalia. 

 It’s a special collector’s edition so better grab one now before supplies run out.

Replace your old mouse with the Razer DeathAdder Dragon Age II and eliminate all the grumbles that come with a regular mouse!


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