Razer Arctosa: The Next Level in Gaming Keyboards

Razer Arctosa: The Next Level in Gaming Keyboards

Razer Arctosa: The Next Level in Gaming Keyboards

When it comes to the ultimate gaming experience, special peripherals give gamers the competitive edge over their rivals.  Keyboards and mice are the weapons of choice for those who play on their computers.  One of the best gaming keyboards out there is the Razer Arctosa.  This next level gaming keyboard is specifically built for the gamer who wants a hardware that can withstand the toughest playing conditions in a very slim design.  Well, they succeeded.

Razer Arctosa: The Next Level in Gaming Keyboards imageSay Goodbye to Ghosting!

Ghosting is what happens when you instantaneously press multiple keys at once.  In standard keyboards, you get no response.  The Razer Arctosa solves this problem by installing an anti-ghosting capability around the WASD cluster.  This allows more executable commands to be entered at any one time without the problem of ghosting.

Get the Fast Response That You Always Wanted

At 1000 Hz, you always get the response that you want faster than you can think of your next move.  The keys are built and specially designed to capture you fingertips during the quickest game plays.  There are no delays in commands here fellow gamers, everything is transformed into action.

Enjoy Multiple Commands with One Keystroke

You don’t have to wish you had more fingers on both hands to conquer the game with this keyboard.  With a single key, you can instantaneously execute complex movements because of the programmable feature with macro capabilities.

Razer Arctosa: The Next Level in Gaming Keyboards graphicEnjoy More Profiles

Select from 10 profiles that you have customized and enjoy almost unlimited options to dominate the battlefield.  Furthermore, there is a choice of a gaming mode for deactivation of the Windows key.

Quality Ergonomics

The wrist rest is detachable for those who move vigorously while they play.  The design is sturdy but lightweight, giving you an excellent feel during the game.  The slim keycaps make moving fingers from key to key a lot faster, while still being comfortable and precise.

Razer Arctosa: The Next Level in Gaming Keyboards pictureThe Verdict

If you’re looking for superior quality for your hard earned money, then the Razer Arctosa is just the right gaming keyboard for you.  Never worry about the performance of your keyboard when you have this peripheral.  Imagine enjoying endless hours of uninterrupted game play with a gaming keyboard that knows what you want and so much more. 

Outlive the competition and consider yourself the highest gaming authority out there with a keyboard that is dependable and knows what it takes to win. Visit Amazon.com for the best deals now!


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