Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review

Search no more, the Razer Anansi has arrived, and you can get the best Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review right here. Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review imageMassively Multiplayer Online Games (also called MMOG) are the favorites among gamers nowadays.  These are games that are capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously over the internet.  This requires some heavy duty artillery to rise up to the demand. Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review imagesEnjoy More Than One Hundred Programmable Buttons

This feature puts you in the cockpit and makes you the pilot, no questions asked.  Arm yourself with all the necessary things to overcome everybody and declare yourself the winner.  You alone control everything with such simplicity that it takes the guesswork out of the picture.  Never wonder what keys to push next and always be assured that you will never run out of keys.

Multiply Your Power Seven Times

Seven thumb-based modifier keys allow you to increase the number of commands you are able to execute from your current 12 ability keys to 7 times that number—more than enough space for every conceivable custom macro that you can think of.  These keys are conveniently located below the space bar and within your thumb reach.  In addition, this lessens the time you spend fumbling over the keys and puts more time into game play.Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review pictureAdd Five Additional Capabilities

And you thought we were finished?  On the left side of the keyboard, you will find five additional macro gaming keys.  This guarantees another five programmable moves, magic spells, special skills and much more.

Enjoy More Profiles You Can Handle

Switch between 20 profiles for each game at a single press of a button.  Imagine that?  I know it’s hard.  With this keyboard you don’t have to imagine.  Everything is translated into reality.Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review graphicFantastic Feel

The dome style keyboard provides a fantastic feel and realistic design.  The external finish is matted giving you a pleasurable experience while you press on them.  In addition, it leaves no mark for those of you who perspire a lot.

More Features

  • Optimized key matrix
  • Gaming mode option
  • Easy access media keys

The Razer Anansi instantly multiplies your command up to seven times than the usual keyboard. Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard Review graphicsThis gives you absolute power to conquer the competition on a large scale, and interact meaningfully with people around the world.  This keyboard works best with the Razer Naga MMOG mouse.  Combining the two would spell the end of competition.  Power and command is at the tip of your fingertips!

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